April 19 2017

From the Desk of Robert K. Ross, MD, president & CEO, The California Endowment

The tragic and senseless violence that took place in Fresno affects us all and we are in solidarity with the community to hope for healing and recovery.  Unfortunately, many in the Central Valley community are today asking themselves why and how this type of horrific violence can happen here.  And too many times throughout our state in situations like this and others that are similar, people are asking themselves the same questions.

I wish I could say there is a simple answer, but there isn’t.  We need to love and heal together.  We need to ensure that all voices are heard and truly listened to and we need to wrap our arms around the families of the victims whose lives were forever changed because of yesterday’s tragedy.  As a health foundation committed to community wellness, we subscribe to the notion that hate and violence have no place in our communities.

It is our hope that as Fresnans strive to heal from this tragic act of violence, that we all come together to begin to have a conversation about how to promote wellness through acceptance, inclusion, and opportunity in our communities.  We cannot change yesterday, but we can work hard together to change today, and we must do that if our future is to be one of love, peace and healing.

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