Get Covered / Asegúrate

Get Covered / Asegúrate

A big part of being healthy is having access to care, whether it’s emergency treatment or preventive care. When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law in 2010, The California Endowment saw an opportunity for millions of Californians to gain access to health coverage. In 2013, California’s state legislature embraced the ACA and expanded Medi-Cal to millions of Californians.

The Endowment believes that Health Happens with access to health coverage. The Affordable Care Act helps put consumers back in charge of their health care. Our job is to educate communities about the benefits of enrolling in health coverage and how to take advantage of their benefits. We aim to help enroll communities that are most in need, including Latinos who make up 64% of the uninsured in California.

What We’re Doing

The first step in changing behavior is creating awareness. Through our research, we understood that in order to reach our target audience—low-income Californians, Latinos, and youth—we had to disseminate our education and outreach campaign through trusted messengers like news personalities.

  • We launched a Spanish-language media partnership with Univision, Telemundo, and La Opinion to educate Californians and build awareness.
  • The Endowment developed relationships with ethnic media like California Black Media, Voto Latino, Valley PBS, and New America Media to produce educational pieces on health coverage in order to reach traditionally underserved communities.
  • Funding enrollment assistance at county levels and Medi-Cal enrollment assisters.
  • Ensuring business owners and HR professionals are educated and have what they need to connect employees to coverage.

Our Results

  • Within the first year of implementing the ACA, over 2 million Californians enrolled in Medi-Cal, surpassing our original four year goal. An additional 1.4 million enrolled in Covered California, and with over 3.4 million gaining access to health coverage, California cut its uninsured population in half.
  • The largest gains in health coverage  in California have been in the Latino community— nearly 52 % of Latinos reported enrolling in coverage in the past year.
  • The amount of people who have encountered the Univision Asegúrate/Get Covered  campaign has increased by almost one quarter—from 39% to 63% from 2013-2014.
  • In 2014, 64% of Californian Latinos had seen a PSA or were aware of the Asegúrate/Get Covered campaign.