Health in School Funding

It’s an exciting time for California schools. After years of painful cuts, California is finally investing in education again.

The most sweeping changes to California schools in a generation are now unfolding through the state’s new school funding law that does three important things:  (1) Brings new funding to all schools, with the largest increases going to school districts serving students who are low-income, English learners, and foster youth; (2) Spells out new standards for measuring school success that speak directly to student health and engagement; and (3) Provides new opportunities for parents and students to take part in decision-making about school spending decisions and priorities.

Each year brings an opportunity to get involved in helping decide how your school district will use this new money to improve student achievement. School districts must approve budgets and school success plans by July 1 for the school year that starts a few months later.

Check with your local school district about the community forums and public meetings where these decisions are made so that your voice can be heard.

What We’re Doing

  • Investing in the training of parents and youth to deepen their understanding of school district decision-making and further empower them to play leadership roles.
  • Helping communities hold school districts accountable, ensuring that new funds are used to increase and improve services for high-needs students.
  • Advocating that school funding be used for approaches shown to improve student success by supporting the physical, mental, and social-emotional health of children and youth.