Social-Emotional Health

Too many children are forced to live surrounded by violence, neglect, and lack of institutional support. They struggle in their school work and have difficulties developing close relationships with peers, which often results in them falling off the path to success.

Research has shown that even one suspension in the 9th grade doubles the chances of a high school student dropping out. Children should be held accountable for misbehavior, but we need to embrace a common-sense approach that helps kids learn from mistakes while keeping them in school.

For students who need more support, guidance counseling and mental health services on school campuses can make a real difference.

What We’re Doing

  • Supporting pilot projects like restorative justice and positive behavioral interventions and supports which promote alternatives to suspensions and expulsions—projects that hold kids accountable while keeping them in school and teaching them responsibility and respect.
  • Investing in building the momentum for common-sense school discipline in the Central Valley through a new Leadership and Learning Network, including a $1 million grant fund for school districts.
  • Promoting a national conversation about mental health care and working to ensure that troubled students and adults can get help before they endanger themselves or others.