California’s future is in color. The young men and women who make up our state’s increasingly diverse population are tomorrow’s innovators and leaders. According to the 2010 census, 70 percent of Californians under 25 identify as people of color, a group that still struggles with inequality.

“Sons & Brothers” is a $50 million, 7-year plan by The California Endowment to help all young people of color reach their full potential, because when our sons and daughters succeed, we all succeed.

Our agenda, which is informed by the community as well as the best data available, focuses on education, literacy, and youth empowerment. We have many partners, from the White House to community organizations to young people, themselves.

Together, we will provide opportunities to our most vulnerable youth, and in doing so, increase the overall health, safety and prosperity of all Californians.

For more information visit our Sons & Brothers Key Readings page.